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Resonance of Imagery: A WINTERQuest

Hello, world! It's been a month since my last release, Frostholm, and a year since my second album, Rustendorf.

Wow... a year... time really flies when you step into your thirties. While winter is still in full swing, I'm using every day to find new inspiration for the music I plan to create. With fewer live performances coming up for personal reasons, I'll be using my free time to work on a new album. Alongside the album, I plan to film 2 new videos and a live set from a special location dear to me. The album will feature 12 tracks that will tell a story and immerse you in unexplored and unknown landscapes, ones that I often contemplate. Unlike my first album, Snowpiercer, which was inspired by the film of the same title, this new album won't be tied to any particular movie or TV show. However, I'll definitely delve into the depths of cinematic waters again and translate everything from my "inner cinematic canvas" into sound. To be honest, I can't stray too far from film music, even if I wanted to, so this album will also be a cinematic and very dramatic work. Stay with me on my musical journey; there's a lot of trippy shit coming this year.



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