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Osibidan is an innovative record label that pushes the boundaries of electronic music.

It emerged out of a need for creative freedom when existing labels had no room to accommodate its unique sound. Obisdian narrates untold stories through Tippstrip's music, stories that simply don't fit within the rosters of other labels.


THE Story

Obsidian is an independent electronic music label that prides itself on releasing cutting-edge, unique cinematic and captivating influence.

With a focus on quality over quantity, Obsidian carefully curates each release, ensuring that every track is a standout addition to the label's impressive catalog. From deep, atmospheric beats to driving, dance-floor rhythms, Obsidian's roster of artists and producers never fails to deliver.

Whether you're a die-hard fan of Tippstrip or a lover of all things progressive house, Obsidian is the perfect label to discover your new favourite track. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of the genre and showcasing the very best in

up-and-coming talent, Obsidian is a label that should be on every music lover's radar.

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