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Tippstrip is a Serbian progressive techno project from Pancevo, Serbia. The producer and keyboardist Sinisha Mladenovick founded the project "Tippstrip" in 2014, and started in 2017.
His music is often influenced by cinematic music with long uplifting breaks and heavy dark beats. A lot of details such as glitch samples, circuit noise and cable cracking are some of the notable characteristics of Tippstrip. Melodic harmonies, rhythmical bass-lines and dreamy fantasy synths further ensure the uniqueness of the listening experience.

Tippstrip has an extensive discography of singles released on various labels, as well as one full-length album "Snowpiercer" for Bach Music (UK) and other album "Rustendorf" for Iono Black (GERMANY).

Alongside this, he has also released several EPs, including HP_003, which was mastered by Martin Vice (Iboga Records) and released on Iono Music. While most of his releases fall under the electronic dance music genre, the only psy-trance release is the collaboration single "Hidden Gems," featuring the artist Nevalis from Bosnia and Herzegovina. This track was also released on Iono Music and has achieved significant success, reaching #40 on the Top 100 Beatport Tracks on the Psy-Trance chart.

In addition to his EP, Tippstrip has released several singles and EPs with Bach Music (UK) and Dolphin Sound Recordings (Spain) in 2017. These releases feature uplifting dance electronic music with long build-ups and heavy drops.

Tippstrip - Rustendrof Mix

In 2019, Tippstrip released his debut album "Snowpiercer" through Bach Music. This album was crafted with a cinematic sound, taking electronic music to new heights. Each track runs between 9-13 minutes, and the entire album is nearly 2 hours long.

The EP "HP_003" was released in 2021 and mastered by Martin Vice from Iboga Records. It was released through Iono Music (GER) and has become one of Tippstrip's most popular releases, featuring psychedelic synths and catchy baselines.

Additionally, Tippstrip loves collaborating with other artists, such as Dragica's melancholic vocals on the track "Delya", which adds an enchanting quality and opens the gates to another world, and Milissa Strange's vocals on "Dead Horizon", which gave the song a new dimension.

In July 2021, Tippstrip collaborated with Bosnian psy-trance artist Nevalis to create the single "Hidden Gems".

It quickly climbed the Top 100 Beatport tracks in Psy-Trance and reached the 40th spot in less than a week. Tippstrip's experience with trance music in his high school years proved invaluable.

The second album "Rustendorf" was released in January, specifically on Friday the 13th, under the label Iono Music and has been hailed as an electronic masterpiece by its record label. The music is described as a timeless work of art. It's considered that the album has not yet been recognized and accepted by the electronic music audience who are accustomed to the dark sound of today's commercial techno. However, it's believed that the sound of this album will become a standard in the progressive house genre in a few years. Tippstrip is unique in combining different genres, which is once again demonstrated with this album, who knows for how many times.

Tippstrip - Interview

The very first Tippstrip remix was made for the song "Ravno Polje" by the Serbian dark ethno band Vartra.

This remix was released one month after Tippstrip's second album on February 23rd and broke down all barriers between electronic and Serbian Ethno music, launching the audience into an endless black space. With Lia Vic's additional vocals, the song was given a new darkness and melancholic tone that, despite its sad melodies, will motivate you towards a new beginning and rebirth after the toughest departure.

Tippstrip has been featured on over 50 albums and compilations. You can find all of Tippstrip's releases at this link

In 2023, Tippstrip unveiled a true masterpiece: the conceptual release titled 'Hourglass,' a collaboration with Lia Vic that weaves a narrative of time travel and extraordinary experiences from distant realms. Together, they have crafted an extraordinary sonic adventure that transcends boundaries, transporting listeners to unexplored realms.

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