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A Dark Premonition of Tomorrow's Light

Dystopian Chronicles

My lovely ravers,

In 2023, I released my two albums, Rustendorf (JAN 2023) and the mini-album Hourglass (NOV 2023) —a collab with my dear friend and extraordinary vocalist Lia Vic. 2024 is the year with the fewest live shows I have ever had in my music career. I will perform only at the EXIT festival in Serbia this year and maybe do some smaller gigs for you and my close friends.

When it comes to creating music, you all know I give 150% of myself. However, live shows are something very different. They are two distinct jobs, and performing live demands a lot of energy. It involves meeting new people, organizers, managers, etc. The stress before a live show is also a significant factor for me. Since I do live sets, it's always unpredictable what can go wrong with the equipment or if my shitty concentration slips, causing me to make a mistake. Believe me, one wrong button, and everything can go to fucking hell.

On the other hand, making music is what I live for. It’s something that I truly enjoy. Telling a story from my mind, creating music, and making visuals are essential parts of my being. For my next release, I wanted to be rested and in good mental health, with plenty of time and energy to tell its story, create all the photos and videos, design my stage outfits, and share it with you when it's done. I'm putting my soul into this release, spending countless hours in my studio, but I can promise you these tunes will take you into the gloomy predictions of my vision of our future lives.

This will be my least personal release, with no segments from my private life. It’s inspired by a story I created from my imagination.

Until then, we'll stay connected online, and don't give up on me cuz I'll come back with lots of good material! I promise!

Kisses xXx



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